Nikki’s Nesties

Nesties come in 4 components, the mattress the ‘wall’, a mattress cover and a ‘wall’ cover. The interior is made from either water repellent canvas or water repellent wipe clean polyester and the covers are made with either Fleece, Supersoft Fleece, Faux Italian Sheepskin or Poly Velvet ,  there is no Velcro or press studs, a length of elastic and a toggle keeps the cover in place. The ‘wall’ and mattress are stuffed in individual sections which ensures the side stay stable and do not collapse.

Nesties are available in two styles, The Original or Easy Access (see photos) The covers on the easy access are a little harder to get on, you have to match  the cut out on the cover to the  interior cut out, take your time it’s worth it

Cleaning Instructions

ALL Covers : shake well outside and machine wash at 40 C tumble dry on a medium heat or air dry

Canvas Interior: Wash down with warm soapy water using a sponge, cloth or soft brush, hose down to rinse  and air dry

Easy Clean Interior: spray with warm soapy water  and wipe with a damp cloth




There are 5 sizes to choose from, they are all 27-29 CMS in height



The mattress is 38 CMS  square and the overall size is 52 CMS square.


The mattress is 46 CMS square and the overall size is 62 CMS square.


The mattress is 55 CMS square and the overall size is 72 CMS square

X Large

The mattress is 65 CMS square and the overall size is 82 CMS square.

XX Large

The mattress is 85  x 70  CMS and the overall size is 105 x 85 CMS.

All sizes are approximate as they are individually hand made

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What Our Clients Say

  • Less than 48 hours from ordering, my boy has a Nikki’s Neckie and can recover from his ear op in comfort! Thank you so much to Nikki for rushing through the order for my poorly boy, so appreciated. Fantastic customer service

  • Amazing quality dog bed! My bulldog is well known for hating any kind of change but it only took him a few hours before he succumbed to the lure of his new nestie. The bed is really sturdy and feels great quality. Buster looks very comfortable in there.

  • Wanted one for ages and it arrived yesterday, the quality is unbelievable and you really do get what you pay for, the dogs are over the moon, my 4 year old wants one for herself. Thank you so much highly recommend xxx

  • Thanks so much Nikki for our babies nestie, they love it so much! So quick and such a friendly service, already recommending all our friends.. thank you xxx

  • 100% recommend Nikki’s Nesties from the moment I enquired until today I have received my large nestie the service has been amazing. Thank you Nikki for your prompt responses, speedy delivery and fabulous bed. I have one very happy bulldog, thank you Xx

  1. Could you please advise me how long from placing an order to delivery?

  2. sorry for the delay in reply, order to deliver is currently no more than 10 day. Hope that helps.

  3. What are the care instructions?
    Are these machine washable?

  4. Hi Aimee

    The covers are removable and are machine washable at 30 degrees, inter interior can be steam cleaned or wash with a warm soapy cloth, the interior could be put in the machine however it would become very heavy when wet and would possible break a machine

    Hope that helps

  5. Is there a certain way you do these dog beds plz as mine as just arrived and not sure how it goes.
    Thank you

  6. I’m so sorry for the delay in replying, do you still need help?
    The elastic and toggle end should go on the floor, take the cushion out, make sure the plain coloured fleece is flat to the floor and push the cushion right down into it. If that doesn’t make sense I’m happy to Skype you


  7. Hi, Nikki, thank you for the wonderful replacement covers, very pleased, but have a small problem with the nestie my daughter purchased Christmas time, I have e mailed your company about this matter, as yet no reply, the problem is with the base pad, it deflates when the dog gets in and then is flat on the floor, can you please advice on this look forward to your reply, regards Jean.

  8. Just got this message Jean, as per tel conversation, I’ll replace the pad and get it to you ASAP. Thanks

  9. Hi Nikki,
    Would you be able to send to Australia or are you currently only in the UK?

  10. I can get a price for delivery, although I expect it would be huge, if you let me know where I Australia I can find out for you

  11. Hi Nikki,

    I have a King Charles , 11 kg (have to put him on a diet ) what size would you recommend

  12. Apologies in the delay replying, I would say a small, but if he likes to spread out then a medium.

    Hope that helps


  13. Hi I would love to get my bulldog one but would.need to.pau for it in chunks is it possible to do this so I can break payments up and have one in time for Christmas

  14. I’d love to be able to help, you could pay an amount into my paypal account monthly, not sure if that’s what you were thinking, or you could just put the cash in a jar? what size were you thinking?


  15. Hi, do the prices include postage

  16. Yes in the UK

  17. Is your product available in the USA? Shipping would be expensive from the UK

  18. Soory not offered in the USA yet planned for early 2017

  19. Hi I’m looking to get my bulldog a new, cosier bed that he can snuggle into and I got recommended one of your beds by some fellow bulldog mums! Hard part about this is that my boy has hip dysplasia so support is so important. Might be a tough question for you but would you recommend one of your beds for him? Don’t suppose you do any orthopedic fillings? Thanks

  20. Oh my goodness, poor boy, I wouldn’t like to say it would support him because if it didn’t I would feel dreadful, where about in the county are you? I might have a customer near you so you could go have a look


  21. Thank you so much for making our Syd his tiger nestie at short notice. He loves it.

  22. Ah thanks a millions for letting me know

  23. Do you plan on offering your products in the U.S.? I’m very interested in a bed!

  24. Hi there

    Unfortunately not at the current time, the courier costs are extortionate

  25. Hi Nikki, I have two Bulldogs one an angel and the other a rescue angel in training. I have spent a fortune in beds that have all been useless. Can you please tell me what stuffing you use and if you think I could get away with one large bed for them both? Many thanks x

  26. The large beds are 7-8kg so very well stuffed, they are stuffed with the same material that is used for duvets, each pocket is rammed hence the weight. hope that helps

  27. Andrea Mulligan

    Do you sell replacement covers?

  28. Yes, they are available in the accessories page


  29. Hi,

    If I wanted a cover in a colour or pattern not advertised, could I purchase some polar fleece and send to you to be made? If that’s possible, how much material would be needed for a medium or a large? Thanks

  30. Sorry for the delay in replying, yes that’s not a problem…. you would need 2.25 mtrs for a medium and 3 mtrs for a large hope that helps

  31. Hello,
    I have a bulldog and your beds have been recommended. He’s leggie and quite a lot bigger than the average at 35kgs. Could you advise me of what size bed he’d require? And do you hear of dogs destroying them often? Thank ylu

  32. Apologies for the delay in replying, I would recommend a XL, I have never had one destroyed that I know of. hope that helps

  33. Have u started delivering to the U.S. yet?

  34. Hi Sammie
    The cost of a courier to the USA is more than the value of the bed, and then on top of that there would be import duty to pay

  35. Colleen Renzoni

    We are fans of your beds and really want to try them. It is a shame shipping is so expensive. You would sell these like crazy in the US! I have been wanting some for my 3 girls. We go though cheaply made beds all the time. It seems like you have a great product. Drop what your doing and go GLOBAL!!
    What about shipping through Amazon? Or is that still to much?
    Wishing you much more success,

  36. Thank you so much, I have been trying to get the courier costs reduced for the US with absolutely no luck, it due to the size and weight, and then there is the import costs on top of that, maybe we should just move to the US now there is a thought

  37. Hi I have a bulldog and have gone through endless beds, these beds have been recommended to me, how robust are they

  38. Hi Becky, they are very robust, that said they are not chew proof, have a look at the reviews on our facebook page


  39. Hi, I’m looking at getting one of these for my bulldog. What size would you reccomend?


  40. Hi, the most popular size for a bulldog is Large

  41. Hi Nikki
    When do you expect your tan check fleece to be back in stock please?

  42. so sorry for the delay in replying, we are expecting it any day now, we will let ppl know on our Facebook page once its back in stock

  43. yes we do I have updated the website

  44. I second the thought about moving and selling in the USA!!

  45. I would absolutely love to but the shipping cost are eye watering

  46. Charlene Perris

    Hi Nikki! Do you post to Ireland? Thank you

  47. we do but not at the moment


  48. Do you ship to Canada?

  49. Sorry we don’t, the courier cost is eye watering

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