Choosing the correct size is a personal choice, Nesties will tolerate any weigh providing your dog can fit in it, some dogs like to be snug while others like to sprawl (go a size up if they like to sprawl) this is a really rough guide to help you decide, the measurements stated are when your Nestie is brand new, they do soften and stretch by between 4-6 cms minimum

Easy Access vs. Original – we designed the Easy Access with the older dog in mind, or those with mobility problems, the rule of thumb is, if your dog can get on the sofa then opt for the Original otherwise opt for the Easy Access, for puppies we recommend the Original, whilst they may struggle for the first couple of weeks they will soon learn how to get in and out with ease, and its a nice safe place to put them the first couple of weeks in their new home  

SMALL – Inside 38 cms square – Suitable for Jack Russels, Pugs, Miniature Poodles etc.

Medium – Inside 46 cms square – Suitable for Miniature Schnauzers, French Bulldogs, Australian Labradoodle, Poodles, Small Spaniels etc.

Large – Inside 55 cms square – Suitable for Small Labradors, Bulldogs, Labradoodles, Spaniels, Bull Terriers, Cocapoos etc

Extra Large – Inside 64 cms square  -Suitable for  Large Labradors, American Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogs, Large Bulldogs, Standard Schnauzers, Boxers etc. 

XXL – Inside 85×70 cms –  Suitable for Danes, Dogue De Bordeux, Setters, Giant Schnauzers, Ridgebacks, Bull Mastiffs etc

If you are unsure please do call Nikki direct on 07979366929